April 06, 2010

What I gain and Loose from 2010 Google’s Update Toolbar PageRank

Completely Google Page Rank visit your website since ended 
this past weekend to drop off  Google PageRank, I mean not in Google ranking, it is Google toolbar PageRank.

Before weekend Google’s update his first PageRank in 2010 which gives   happiness to some website holders and sadness to others site owner who looses their site page rank in beginning of 2010. But one thing we should noticed that Google PageRank and Toolbar PageRank are totally different. We can’t say that 99% insightful of the way Google adjudicators the value of a website. The site having PageRank zero can ranking well in Google SERP and it also well  crawled by Google boot where the site achieve Google Toolbar PageRank 8 or 7 is not perform well. So no need to worry for about that matter.

Google PageRank is the metrics of Google that Google is using. So while this Google calculate this metric, it considers so many things.

Consider my site! I have worked around 10 website, among of them I gain few site good page rank and few of them loose. The website I achieved better Page rank, I loose Google SERP of those site I achieved better Page Ranking. I have 2 website related to blogging where I am giving blogging service or free online blogging tips, trick and technique , that site I achieved PageRank 2 to 4. Consider my own website nayak-nayak.blogspot.com, it is a blog related to search engine tips and tricks from this website I giving online SEO, social media marketing and blogging training to online students. This website gained 1 page rank.

The other website related to service provide like search engine marketing service, web development service or health related site, those site I loosed page rank but still I am getting good Google SERP.


So don’t worry about Google Toolbar PageRank. So try to analyze the metric of Google and try to optimize according to them.


SEO India said...

Ya, Pravakar Google updates PR on Sunday i.e first time Google updates PR on Sunday. I have lot's of site for my client that gain good SERP's and PageRank & some of gone on slope. We are going to analyze the pitfalls of our success. At this time most of webmaster are not happy because they don't got a good level of PageRank.

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You are right! recently Google his update its pagerank. So site looses very low rank

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Wow what a update

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I think you have achieved good response from this update

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