April 09, 2010

IPhone App of Digg Will Be Superior Performance Then Website


Digg.Com lunched iPone app officially according to the source this iPhone application will be give better user experience then website. But one problem is that user cannot do comment post, unable to upload their video or image from this app.

User also get advanced facilities consist of iPhone-like scrolling story, top comment display with thin pages, login and Digging, pagination, and divert to any subject.  We can able to share dig content and research in better way by using this application also community of digg able to vote good content on the web.

Design of iPhone application is hygienic and uncomplicated to surf – when we open digg on the web automatically we see adds in right hand site but from the Digg iPhone application, its depend on you whether you want to see ads, story or anything else, in other words I can say that you have full power to control to over come such type of situation especial when you are trying to provide search engine marketing service or blogging tips on iPhone.
Read the topic in well-designed ways after Bookomarking – dig.com offers this feature in his iPhone application with exclusive line. Search your most desired grouping that you looking for to read the stories, if you liked very much stories then bookmark it.

After bookmarked go to bookmarking place we can notice all bookmarking list in one place which is only available in your mobile not in your browser.

Digg iPhone app the majority admired archetype is for the most part well-matched used for mobile – A web hunter not satisfy in one story or one site, he/she browse so many news and link from various website.  So digg is providing fabulous element in this application. You can get link of old news that’s you looking if you forget still digg provides, this story will show in front page in mobile as result mobile reader can read easily.

Note – To display your service or website properly you have to wisely redesign your website because website design plays major role in iPhone app. So when you re design your website strictly follow search engine rules and regulation. If you haven’t sufficient time to research, you can give better search engine Optimization Company such type of SEO Company are well optimizing your website according to major search engine and also iPhone. So search engine optimization service is necessary for any website to see your website in new digg iPhone


aniruddha said...

fantastic blog, igo tlots of information from this blog. This topic is extremely helpful, hope we will get more opportunities to learn about the new technologies

SEO India said...

I have used this application with my iPhone that works great. Now I am digging through my iphone.

Sauvagya Ranjan Patnaik said...

Really helpful article for iphone holders.Though the application lacks important features like comment posting,video & image uploading its mobility is stupendous.

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Growing internet world, optimizing according to iPhone is most necessary.

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