April 04, 2010

9 Guaranteed Processes to Achieve More Twitter Followers

Now a days every body has twitter account, they are using for personnel or business purpose but question is how can we are able to increase hundreds of twitter followers quickly within short period as well as boost twitter power. SO many ways to increase twitter followers.


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How to achieve more number of twitter followers

Get verified – due to rapid used of twitter, many users creating twitter account day to day even also they are not updating regular basis. In order to identify whether that user fack or real user twitter has introduced verified twitter account where it shows option your account verified in right hand corner. If you are a celebrity or a well famous personality in your place – apply to get verified and once you get verified, the words spreads within a minute, people will assemble to follow every message you post. E.g. All most all Hollywood celebrities on twitter are verified and as soon as Dalai Lama’s twitter account verified just few month back he got around 200,000 twitter followers!

Twitter Follower Exchange - Twitter follower exchange similar as link exchange your website. For E.g. suppose today you follow 1000 twitter account, do you think how many people will track back – 60%, or 40%, or perhaps even lesser at 20% you say. If you concur to that, it way if you begin to follow 1000 new visitors, at least 200 will follow you back - and if you continue on doing that on a regular basis you can get thousands of Twitter followers for free!  So many Twitter autofollow tools now available which you can get thousands of followers automatically in stead of following manually and also you can get Twitter follow back list through which you can beat successfully.

Get Suggested – After getting few twitter users if you will be able to handle to get on the Twitter suggested user list by fastener or steam, you would never have to find for twitter followers again and again. So that you will achieve twitter followers thousands of thousands per day. Determined your self how Britney Spears gained 200,000 followers in 1 month! By applying get suggested tips.

Become Charitable – This option plays important roles to get more visitors within few times. Become charitable means paid service you will pay from your pocket. Suppose if you follow me if I twitted I will donate $1 to cross for each and every new twitter.

Promote and Share Attractive Deals – Most of corporate sector apply this technique those need to make public coupon codes, promo codes or special offers only on twitter. For E.G. if I said 300$ of HP coupon were offered of an official HP twitter channel @HP Home offer. Definitely you would follow it to take the fantastic offer. Rally its useful information

Catch the Attention of Twitter User – Attract or catch the attention of twitter user is one of the most options to receive more and more followers. The question is how you can use this technique. It’s very simple. By wearing cools twitter T-shirt with boldly focusing your twitter account – would you follow me? You may be sure but they would defiantly remember you if you wear twitter stocking in various occasion like yours friends party, office party, seminars and public place.

You will get unique marketing ideas for your twitter ID and will able to twitter followers but they would defiantly remember you if you wear twitter stocking in various occasion like yours friends party, office party, seminars and public place. You will get unique marketing ideas for your twitter ID and will able to twitter followers

Acquire On Popular List – getting your twitter account in top listed is very top. If your name will be listed in the times 100 most popular Twitter celebrities at that moment you can get thousands of twitter followers in over night. There are many popular Twitter lists out there in different niches, try to follow them and to be famous

Purchase Twitter Followers – if you have no time to spend or analyze your twitter account and if you have money then you can buy twitter followers. Many service providers are offering twitters followers in affordable price. By the spend of $3500 you can get 100,000 followers

Buy Twitter Accounts – keep in mind purchase twitter followers and buying twitter account is not same. Both are plays different roles. People earn money only by using this process. If you are planning to create new twitter account  then simple buy twitter account those have thousands of thousands followers with quality post. Few twitter user sell their twitter account after getting thousands followers. But this process is totally spamming process.


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