April 03, 2010

5 Reliable Tools to Upload, Share Your Document and Get More Traffic.

 We use so many tools and technique to get traffic in search engine as well as in direct way.

We swap lots of documents every day; we send and receive reports to client, sharing ideas also with team member. From long time Email plays major role to share or exchange our information. But now in time so many tools are available to exchange our data and at the same time we get N numbers of visitors where we can able to drive traffic towards our website.

So here I am showing 5 most tools where you can share or exchange your documents better then E mail and also you can get large number of one time and repeated visitor. Through this tool we can also sell your product and service.

This post looks at 5 of those tools. It will make your SEO reporting and knowledge exchange easier:


From Docstoc you can choose two option whether you want to share your document public or private. When you choose public option then your document will be shared world wide and if you choose private option then your document will not be shared, only you can viewed.

After uploading, the document can be given:

Category and tags.


You can also arrange your docs by folder; specify licensing and protection, choose the template.

Advanced featured.

Doctos offers so many advanced features which will be helped to earn money through online like:

Give your AdSense ID to earn commissions on people’s clicks on your documents;Tweet, share on Facebook and email the documents right after uploading them,Enjoy powerful LinkedIn integration


TwitDoc a twitter based tools; it helps to make strong to your twitter profile. Its helps for instant document uploading and sharing on Twitter. Another feature of this tool is that we can upload our document without registering. Only for that you have to sign in your twitter account.

The document has an extremely basic hit counter which helps you see how popular your tweet was.

Zoho Viewer

Zoho Viewer  is an on the spot doc-sharing site that will provide  to create a document link  where we can select when document will be going to expired  The overall tool crossing point is very usable and easy-to-use which makes the tool.


Calameo  a little bit more advanced document compare above them and sharing site that takes more effort to register than the above tools but it is well worth it. The tool supports you that you can upload multiple doc types where you can choose various attractive and several design templates for uploaded documents which will be helped to attract more visitors for better conversion

Detailed statistics on clicks, downloads, favorites and comments all your docs.

Slick interface: read the documents in a magazine-like interface.

Google Docs

Google Docs- Every body knows how Google docs work. It’s work good for file sharing but we can’t compare above with them. And another negative point in Google docs is that you can drive traffics to words your website.


cheap seo service said...

You are absolutely right through all 5 tools not only we can share our information but also it helps us to drive more traffic to our website.

Any thanks for giving up date information

SEO India said...

Great Pavakar, I read your post. You describle the nice things of sharing. Document sharing is good way to communicate our information though files. Hope You share this kind of information in future.

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Thanks for sharing your information.

harshal8feb said...

Nice Pavakar, I think linkedin.com, scrib.com is great document submitting sites.

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Wow! that's good post, it will give better service then e mail.