February 12, 2010


Jobs are not enthusiastically available to people who have no experience in a particular sector, yet people can’t get experience without first getting a job.

So I am just spotlighting  how all are related in the internet marketing! It also effect on search engines when it comes to SEO.

The search engines like Google get more advanced because they are working hard to give better result of their search and return listings which are most necessary to the searcher. In other way I can say brand and well known sites that reapply receive lots of good traffic are promoted to the top of Google search
The website, getting top search engine ranking means getting result in a large amount exposure and traffic. Now come to point where large amount of exposure and traffic result in high search engine ranking. Do you think what I am going to say you here. According to the budget of website, they achieve search engine ranking accordingly . Small sites with limited budget depend on the favorable SEO rankings to get traffic and exposure but after some time they won’t able to get that amount of traffic unless they have built branding. So my point of view is which is coming first , the traffic or search engine rankings?
Let’s come to notice few things below.
  • Wikipedia and other big informational sites rank #1 for countless general queries
  • Google recently gave a boost to big brands in its search results
  • Google is making an effort to clean up its results – getting rid of thin affiliate pages, discounting obvious paid links, manually editing rankings, etc. There is bound to be some collateral damage – especially for small sites.
To stay ahead of the competition for keyword phrases so many thing to require to do like proper optimize and more quality link in web also in other sectors. But if you will optimize and getting link means may be you will not get. Major search engine like Google adds few new services and data points through vast network of service, the search engine look at a variety of supplementary signals of quality (e.g. traffic, user engagement, social factors)  and calculated them to manipulate  ranking  Not only that, but it’s not even just about links anymore.

Just analyze yourself how dose the small site get ranking few years back but now see how all are changing. You can’t start a new website and get links to move up in the ranking and build traffic. Those times over but now you should need enough traffic and publicity to get ranking.

So I just going to focus how small business owner get that amount traffic  without coming ranking in search engine ranking. You can buy traffic, engage in social media or employee guerilla marketing technique. but it will all be much more difficult.

So how you solve these problems? Search HUGE part of the web, and the big players are now being solidified for long term placement where you can get more traffic.While searching those thinks don’t miss your optimization boat. Still you have time to build website and use professional SEO tactics like on-page optimization and link building to improve search engine ranking. However, the key is to build the brand iyou up.

Summery: In the near opportunity, you’ll need traffic already in place to rank in the search engines, so you may as well exploit the search engines to build your traffic and exposure while you still can. For more detailed strategies on how you can do this, mail me as pravat.me@gmail.com

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michel josh said...

I think both are useful for website. if your brand going to popular then you will get visitors, in otherwords without ranking you will not get ranking