February 23, 2010

What you don’t know in practically but you know theoretically about in SEO

1.Setting up issue, but not as much as you deliberate on Evidently setting up goal and researching always play major role when you going to start or handle a new site operation. All of the  essentially step must be taken care of such as  keyword research, keyword prominence, keyword proximity, implementing search engine friendly website  design  and building a theme oriented structure that helps for worth content and high ranking impending.
How over proper implementing is not necessary as much as you think in fact, some time  too much planning may block  the SEO to get better search engine rankings. It should be necessary to you to be bendable and impulsive by making changes according to the search engine evolution.
Current time searching ranking algorithms changes frequently that a predefined plan for SEO.
Text is Important… but new techniques are better.Search engines likes text which is help to get better ranking. Adding text is common knowledge in SEO instead of adding flash in full page. Incase of flash, search engine takes time to get in ranking. When text is not worthy, if you add only title. Add theme base text which will be help to visitors to stay long time as well as search engine easily crowl. Overall your text is important which will help to sale your products or service. So when you generate text keep in mind don’t create for search engine, create for only visitors Text is just a means to a greater end. Without extraordinary ideas, text by itself means nothing even for search engines as they progressively become more advanced.
2. Content IS everything.

Come on now, what did I just say in point #2? Of course, there is more to a site than just its content including site design, usability, and links. However, content comes first and given that the content is of high quality, the links will flow naturally shortly thereafter. Unless you pay for it, you can’t have links without the content, but the content by itself has the potential to get you a ton of links.

3. Update content but don’t update too regularly. Persistence is glorified.Content, ranking and visitors are important for clients. Always fresh content necessary to help better search engine ranking. Currently I’ve noticed lots of sites updating content continuously to get only high ranking in search engine result page. 

Either poor or highly quality content. if you update poor content then it can damage your site brand and your new or repeated visitors away. A posting calendar is great but make it highly reasonable and take enough time to research as result you will able to generate highly creativity content which will offer valuable to the user.

My point of view is that keep on patience in SEO more necessary.

4. Stop After getting top ranking for a moment.

Stop doing SEO work for timing after getting top ranking. Whether it is less or big competitors work. By stopping you can analyze where and how long your site is performing and how far is giving positive response. So it always to stop SEO work after getting top ranking to test your website, how long your site will rank well in competition.

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