March 01, 2010

Top 3 Website which will give more traffic

Digg is one of the major social news website in social media marketing world  which is made for people to share and discover own content anywhere on the internet  just by posting linking, stories, videos , voting, commenting on submitting on link that submitted by other. Digg display the site’s story those stories has achieved maximum number of voting by others visitors,
Digg traffic. If you will analyze digg traffic then you can see crossed minimum 17.4 million according to comScore that traffic comes only from USA.
Tumblr is another important blogging platform after blogspot and wordpress. It allows users to post link, images, audio, videos and text post. To see the other blog a user must before first and then see their dashboard.

It’s prominence of use is very simple by sign-up process. The “like” button which lets one user tell another that they like this content and reblog it.

Traffic: If you will compare traffic and visitors feed back then Tumblr crossed 85% retention rate then Twitter

Stumble Upon: It is one of the vast internet communities that permit it users to discover and rate web page, photos and videos. You can say it is custom-made suggestion engine which uses peer and social networking rules
 Webpage in Stumble Upon display depend on user’s rating of previous page and rating

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