March 21, 2010


Managing Online reputation is most important in online media, special for social media marketing. For that lots of tools available for managing online reputation. Among of them three are important i.e. WordPress Website, Lookup page & Twitter which will help to improve online brand.

WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the major blogging platform used in the world, with more than over 200 million blogs running on the software. It is built with user communication in mind, and skin consistency an incredibly-intuitive backend that anyone can study to use in a short period of time. Running your blog on Wordpress is one of the best procedures to be element near the top of search results, because the very nature of blogs lends itself quite well to having a great deal of search engine relevant content.

Search engines are covered with so many things, but one of the most main factors content freshness which should be relevance. Because user of the blogs encourage to update content frequently to their users. Major search engine like Google notice that theme based content should be changed. And tools like WordPress only offers such type of features.


LookupPage is a high ranking business directory resource that provides to member to see deeply inside to survey of who is going through their profile especially on the web.LookupPage help to quickly establish user business and personalities on the web.When you sign up in Lookup Page you will create basic profile for yourself writing major information about your business including uploading logo and creating business-card style where you will be easily presence on the web.

The major fact most of user are paid user in Lookup Page. This offers a place of business or personality information that they put in and have total control. And another matter is that Lookup page has no ads and keeps close tracks who is visiting your business profile as result you can able to analyze who is visiting and their response.


I’ve already discussed about twitter and its feature. You know very well that twitter has very strong in web presence. When some body search your name or website that time your twitter profile will come first. May be or may not be you have seen.As a result, setting up a free Twitter account using a personal name or a business name can be an easy, quick, and effective way to establish a first page listing. Twitter gives information to be personalized, a custom icon to be uploaded, which may be a photograph or company logo, and the background to be customized.

You can use twitter to published occasional updates promoting you business. These update will be helped to achieve better ranking profile page. So this is your better way to manage online brand and reach out to your existing and new customers with the help of little time investment.


harshal8feb said...

Hi pravakar, really Wordpress is the great platform for blogging. this is a very use full software to use easily without knowing any technology as well as twitter is great micro blogging site.

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I think WordPress is best tools for ORM

used cars for sale said...

Yeah! you can get business form also lookuppage

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