February 06, 2010

Top 5 Microblogs help to grow your business!

As I have told in previous post the key difference between blog and Microblog. You can use microblog as your social media tools. You can use 150 characters when you are posting in your microblog site. Out of five microblog site Twitter is one most important microblogs site. From twitter you not only increase your community but also in crease your sale. You can also give your paid add service in microblogging sites. From current survey microblog sites giving better revenue then Google Adwords like other paid service. So tagging is play major rule in microblog site. By using simple and killer tagging not only to attract to your followers but also to your customer. So before posting analyze your tagging which will give more benefit to your customer?

Tagging is more important in microblogs. So generally tags are used in microblog. You know that tags are single words or very short phrase that are attached to social media or microblog content to make easy to find and easy to share.

Here are five Microblog site.
1.      http://twitter.com/ (Twitter)
2.      http://pownce.com/ (Pownce)
3.      http://tumblr.com/ (Tumblr)
4.      http://plurk.com/ (plurk)
5.      http://seesmic.com/ (seismic)

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