January 26, 2010

My Social Conversion Chart

I’ve just around 3 yrs in the field of SEO, SEM & Online Marketing. I have given various off line & on line tricks to increase sell. After 20 days research I discovered few social media channel and I applied this channel to my site also my client sites. After 4 month of working on social media I achieved better conversion with purchase. Even also that much rate of conversion I didn’t get from SEO & SEM.

So I’m going to display my social media channel that I have achieved more sales through those channels.
  1. Blogs
  2. Photo sharing
  3. video sharing
  4. PERSONAL social networks
  5. Event(face to face) and event services
  6. Email
  7. White label social networks
  8. Wikis
  9. Podcasting(Audio sharing)
  10. Microblogs
  11. SMS(texting)
  12. Collaborative tools

So, If you want to increase your social media conversion or any solution freely contact pravat.me@gmail.com. I will be Happy if you will give your valuable comment.

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