January 12, 2010


Few tips to remember while optimizing your site for yahoo.
As previous post I had mentioned optimizing procedure in BING search engine. Now I am explaining how you can optimize your website in 2010 for yahoo. All major search engines has changed the marketing tips in 2010 so yahoo also changed. Through out the post I will guide you optimizing path in yahoo.
Keyword density:

Keyword density plays major roles in SEO, if you can analyze proper way then definitely you will achieve high ranking in SERP. In case of Yahoo, high keyword density is most necessary. Use keywords in the Meta title, description. According to yahoo algorithm 10% weigh your website will gain if you will use keywords in Meta tag. 3% in header tag, out bound anchor link text and keywords in contents.
Back Links:
Every body knows back link plays major role to get better ranking. In 2010 Google gives less important in backing, Google give important on visitors and web site loading time. But Yahoo’s search engine is giving more important in Back link. So if you get more back link then you will get good result.


Like Google, Yahoo also give more important in on-page factors. Use natural content with keyword density, bold tag, heading and sub heading tag. Use keyword as in URL.
In on-page Google give important in keyword and tag density around1.5%, Yahoo gives 3%. Keywords in title tag yahoo gives 15 to 20%.

Yahoo is one of the few search engines that still look at Keyword meta tags, although we have certainly seen the priority shift away from this recently, as this element continues to be abused by spammers.

Yahoo does employ a duplicate content filter to search results. However, we usually hear nothing about it, like we do with Google, because it utilizes technology to discern the source of the original content, whereas Google seems unable to decipher the source of the original content. We’ll talk more on that at another time.

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What ever you have told is good. Optimizing in yahoo is more difficult then Google search engine.