January 10, 2010


In SEO or Online marketing link building is an ongoing fight back between two sides with different enthusiasm. Webmaster generally want to increase traffic and rank #3 top pages in the major search engines for their objective keywords. On the other hand search engines aim to counterbalance webmasters, link building effort and return the most relevant search result pages. So as a professional link builder, how can you be the victor the battle in 2010?

Google like major search engine’s gives more important on links in its ranking algorithm, links have essentially become the currency of the net. Clients are willing to sell out thousands dollar for link in hopes of better rankings and higher traffic. Any way Google is giving more stress on artificial link procedure.

Every webmaster needs to proceed with caution when attaining links. How can they make natural link structure? In this entire post I will be discussed top ten best techniques, after reading they are able to understand how far this article is useful.

May be many webmaster thinks that all are meaningless but going through deeply, you can understand how it will give good result.

1. Provide value, attract links organically:

Your content is major foundation of link building campaign. Are your website pages worthy of bing linked to? Provide value and you’ll naturally attain links from people who will voluntarily share your content with others. By doing this process your website becoming rising more important because Google, Yahoo are eliminate thin pages from its index. The more value you provide the more link you will get. You can may be more aggressive with your link building campaign.

 2.Vary the link anchor text:

Following this process is very simple. Giving link anchor text is extremely important for SEO && might difference between ranking for a keyword and being nowhere to be get. Any way so many tips to optimize anchor text. For example if your target keyword is “used trucks” mix up your links with the keyword like “buy used trucks”
3. Give Deep link to pages on your site.

By giving deep link means you can directly drive visitors to inner page where you will say to purchase service to visitors indirectly. What ever each link building campaign should target to imitator natural linking process.  Many Webmaster link to deep pages on a site, not just the homepage so you should be doing the same thing. Attain links to a different set of pages on your site. If you create internal linking structure, your entire site should benefit.
4. Get links from relevant sites:

Get links are two ways one is link from non relevant sites and another one is relevant sites. From getting relevant site means search engine gives more weight in compare to non relevant site. So before doing link building keep this steps in your mind and fix the link from sites that have some type of correlation to your website.
5. Take your time – slowly put up your link profile:

This steps more important for new, professional webmasters and few business owner who those are trying to build more number of link within sort period. By doing this your sites definitely facing spam as result your target keyword’s ranking going to down and there is lot of chance that search engine ban your site.
So try to slowly build up your link. Instead of getting 200 links in a day try to get 10-20 high quality link per week. The long term benefits will be much greater.

 6. Look for similar Page Rank neighborhoods.

Getting link those have similar Page Rank neighborhoods. Past few months I have researched that some site of page ranks 1 and they had back link from higher page rank 7,8 sites. Where Google generally advising get link with same page rank site. For e.g.  Page rank site will likely have link from website with page rank 3-5. aspire for the same and reach higher as you grow bigger.
7. Minimize links from the same IP address:

Analyze all about interlinking all of your sites together to maximize SEO possible? Think again. Google can easily notice links that come from the same C-block of IP addresses and will reduction these links accordingly. It’s almost without doubt not a good idea to interlink your sites if they’re hosted on the same server.
8. Specialize your link profile:

There are so many sources for links and you should get into all of them in your link building efforts. Get links from directories, blogs, press releases, scraper sites, old resource sites, forums, news sites, etc. The more diverse your link profile, the better because everything will give a lot more natural. Then you can be more aggressive in your tactics because you’ll have a solid foundation already set.

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