January 20, 2010


In 2010 On-page SEO, Social Media and Online Brand community is hot topic. Branding itself thousands of dollar industry. Companies are investing lots of money on brand; they want their brand to reach the audience as faster then. To stand your brand from crowd, one of the best option is creating own online brand community.

Why Online Brand Community:

By creating online brand community means company will save buyer’s money and company will get unique user experience. It is the way where companies indirectly encourage customers to spread the word on their brand.
 So now we know what branding is, what a brand community is, and some of the negatives. Let’s focus on 5 more reasons to start an online brand community with a complete user experience, then briefly go over how to better develop them.

 How to Get Benefit from Online Brand Community:

Brand Communities are low-cost- By creating own brand companies are able to manage their customers through brand community without their support member. For example Microsoft is one proponent of this theory, tapping into communities across the web for key products like the X-Box and X-Box 360.

 Develop by Themselves

Brand communities can grow quite large within short period. There are probable millions of buyers across the world  you can get who’ve posted and chatted on your site and  reporting in on their favorite products, discussing in groups about the next big title to buy, and more.

 Potential to Find New Customers.

From brand community you can get randomly new customers for your brand. May be or may not be you’ve known that your brand community goes to work in developing these new customers, making sure they understand the advantages of your product.

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Anonymous said...

Yap, creating own brand is the best way to promote service best way.