December 11, 2009

Boost your Facebook using Yantoo Layers.

Every body knows Facebook is one of the important SMO site. As a popular SMO site, you should redesign your profile layout in order to look and fill. If your profile will look attractive then you will get better response and leads.
So, I am going to say here go to say how to change Facebook template. Check this Yantoo Layers.or you can visit to know about how Yantoo  Layer is working. Yantoo Layers application as layout sources which will be help to change  your Facebook template.
Read carefully each and every step to change your Facebook Layout using Yantoo Layers
1. Sign  In / Login to your Facebook account
2. Install Plugins Add-on Yontoo Layers in, the select Firefox (windows or Mac)
3. After Select “accept & continue” in the new Terms of Service
4. Install Yontoo Layers for firefox, after “Ready” is checked, click “Start Install”
5. Click “Allow” in the upper-right corner
6. Click “Install now”, and  “restart Firefox”
7. The following steps, please Login to your Facebook Account,
8. Then click on the link
9. Then please click “Allow”.
10. Now you can choose Facebook Layout that you want, click to select the layout on the link “select” in the image layout.
Then look  how is looking, its look totally different before that.


Traveling Experince said...

Good face book theme. Really it's rock

Autobuynsell said...

Already i have used this, it's working amazing.