December 08, 2009

Using A/B Spilt Testing you Can Increase Conversion Rates.

Every body knows testing but hearing spilt testing is new, I want to say that spilt testing is used only in online marketing or SEO field to achieve high traffic and increase your ROI. You can say in other words that Spilt testing is simple tests which test 2 different variable on sales page to analyze which page get more sales. Generally we are using split test in PPC, submitting a form to request a free consultation or purchasing a product online.
I am going to explain in details about split test. Why Is Split-Testing Important for Website?

Split-testing is the only one way to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-action, which will be given more profitable. Also it allows you to be more aggressive in your marketplace by permit you to spend more on advertising than your competition, yet still achieve higher levels of sales and growth at a lower Cost-Per-Action (CPA).

Split-testing shows you what your competition is implementing on their site and to see how it affects your conversion rates. Over time, split-testing help you to capture a good share of your online market.

What you Should in Split-Test?

After knowing theory of Split Test what action you should be going to take I mean which part going to change or modify. You can use spilt test in Organic SEO and PPC Ads. Let’s explain what you will do in PPC ad, in PPC advertising you can split two separate ads and look which ad produces the lower CPA. In website design you can split two different pages and notice which one produces the highest number of conversions. You can also split-test email campaigns, banner campaigns and other forms of paid advertising.
Incase of Organic, it very top to spilt test because you don’t have full control on the information that display in site. For split-testing software use Google’s Website Optimizer

Ok come to pint, in which factor of your website going to spilt test that help to increase traffic.

* Headlines
* Call to action
* Offer
* Sales copy
* Images
* Testimonials
* Button styles
* Navigation styles
* Background color
* Listing a phone number versus not listing a phone number
* And anything else which holds a prominent position on the page

In case of you PPC campaign, you can use split-test the text ads, keywords and landing pages.

How to Split-Test Work.
The most significant metric of analyzing split test is CPA, which is known as measuring with conversion tracking. If your site doesn’t contain shopping cards or you’re your leads come through telephonic or email then it will be very difficult to test split test.
Another easiest way to determine split test is your website form, when somebody submit or they want to contact your company, immediately they are taken to another page that called thank you page. In thank you page you can find some message like” “Thank you for your enquiry, we will contact you shortly.”

Using Spilt-testing, a conversion code will put in thank you page which will help to measure results. If you are split-testing two landing pages using different headlines we would use split-testing software to rotate between those 2 pages so alternate visitors would see alternate versions of the landing page. After a reasonable amount of visits and because conversions are being tracked, one of the two versions will start producing a higher number of conversions than the other. Then you will able to know which is better landing page, also referred to as the ‘control piece’. The goal of split-testing is always to try and beat the control piece.


Anonymous said...

You are absolute right, it is very necessary to do split test to increase leads without proper split testing we can achieve our target.

Autobuynsell said...

Good tips about spilt testing. I think it is useful in case of ppc.

Loraine said...

Split testing is new to me. Good luck and I hope this will be known to all internet marketing search engine specialist. thanks- Robert