December 13, 2009

How to Index your Flash Site on Major Search Engine.

Now day’s use of internet is growing. You can find flash website is more important and it gives positive response. Generally visitors spend more time in flash website then others. That is the only reason website owner creating flash. But getting ranking or indexing in major search engine is very critical. Two years back search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc were not indexed but current time they are slowly indexing. From internet survey it was known that 80% leads are coming from flash website.
So I am explaining you how to index your site in major search engine like Google. Yahoo or MSN. Here are few simple steps you’ve to remember.
Google index sites scripted with Action Script. That contains AS1, AS2 and AS3 versions. Google also retains that is does not decompile Flash files or expose Action Script code if it’ invisible to users.
When you are going to build a website using flash, my suggestion is don’t make entirely in flash because it’s not better use both for visitors and search engine. To make the right balance when it comes to using Flash and implementing SEO for Flash, give important these tips:

    * Don’t create Flash as the navigation.
    * Embed Flash files into HTML pages.
    * Create descriptive page titles and Meta descriptions.
    * Don’t include an entire site in one Flash file. To solve this problem break the content into multiple Flash files with different HTML pages.
    * Create or use Flash for design elements and less-important content, and use HTML for the most important page elements.
    * improve web fonts in Flash files by using slfr. Because the Flash styles enhance the HTML content rather than replace it, the engines can still read titles.
While Flash, Ajax and JavaScript offer enticing user experience, they continue to offer a less than ideal experience for search engine crawlers.


link building India said...

You are absolute right, Flash page gives more leads, visitors generally likes to stay more time on flash site. thanks for your quality tips about optimizing for flash website.

Autobuynsell said...

You are absolutely correct. Any way thanks for advance tips