November 21, 2009

Tips for Improved Social Media and Real-Time Search Experience in Leapfish.

I and we have seen a few social as well as real-time search engines previously. Actually, there’s so much buzz around it that I found it very important to review the tool here and discuss it with you. Leapfish is a brand new social and real-time search engine. In their own words I can say you there is more content and more services that are all valuable to us. It searches the conventional, multimedia and collective web and providers results from all over the Internet commencing major authorities in their respective spaces. Here are some of the database and parts of the web we search; Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Image Authorities, Blog Authorities, Wikipedia, Yelp, Digg, CyberHomes, Yahoo Answers, Amazon and many others.
From Leapwish web search you can click through the tabs to see more of each search variety: Digg results, Twitter search, Twitter trending topics, Youtube videos and Flicker images. News: More news search results (with most recent Twitter and blog updates);
Customized Homepage: From Leapfish you can customize your home page. Not only the site allows changing background color to adjust it to your eyes, you will also be able to add / remove widgets from your personal home page.

Leapfish has a really advanced social sharing feature which appears once you hover any search result. Click it an you’ll be able to share the link via Twitter, Facebook, Mixx, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, etc:

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Anonymous said...

Really interesting tips. I think you have don lot of research on Twitter.