December 02, 2009

Tips for Protecting Duplicate Content for E-Commerce Website during Festival Period.

Every body knows festival is coming and buying and selling through online will be increase especially for e commerce shopping site. Protect E commerce site is necessary area of duplicate content otherwise Google will penalize your  E Commerce website as result you will loose your customer and sales.To overcome out of that situation I am going to explain how to solve problem.
E Commerce site owners will try promoting products in various ways through SEM or SEO.  It is necessary for site owner to take care HTTP/HTTPS pages.

Best of my technical hints, here you will give importance for optimizing HTTP/HTTPs – and resolutions for each.  
Duplicate Content. Protocols (http/https) are different; they are measured two separate sites, so there’s a possibility to get penalized for duplicate content. If the search engine finds two identical pages, commonly it would take the page it saw first and ignore the other pages
. How to Solve.
 Be elegant about the web site structure:  to keep the engines from crawling and indexing HTTPS pages, so that HTTPS are only accessible through  log-in, sign-up, or payment pages. The ordinary error is making these pages available via a standard link.

   2. Analyze and use Robots.txt file to control which pages will be crawled and indexed
   3. Use .htaccess file. Notice how to make this:
   4. Create a file names robots_ssl.txt in your root.
   5. Add the following code to your .htaccessRewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 443 [NC]RewriteRule ^robots.txt$ robots_ssl.txt [L]
   6. take away from the webmaster tools if the pages already been crawled
   7. For dynamic pages like php, try< ?phpif ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] == 443){echo “< meta name=” robots ” content=” noindex,nofollow ” > “;}?>
   8. Theatrical solution (may not always be possible): 301 redirect the HTTPS pages to the HTTP pages – with hopes that the link juice will transfer over.


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