November 21, 2009

Do you thing Re website Design with Proper Navigation Structure will help Ranking on Major Search Engine.

When I was in an Internet marking seminar, there was only discussion about search engine tips and tricks, also discussion on hot issue about re website design with proper navigation structure. Related this topic so many internet marketing professional and clients discussed too much things, some tells navigation structure will help getting ranking, others were disregarded about that topic. So I also had given my point.
What I discussed in that seminar that I am going to explain to you. Guys if I am wrong then try to give proper suggestion or if you have any advance tips regarded re website design or navigation structure then you can mail me as
SO here is my discussion.

Good web site design means a good navigation structure for your web site. This means the visitor can find the information easily and they stay long time. Few steps for navigation structure.

Navigation Styles: these can range from navigation buttons, navigation bars, plain text links, fancy animated graphics or drop-down select menus. Use illustrations, photographs or graphic images to show your visitor around. For example, an image map contains one graphic with different “hot spots” (invisible buttons) that link to other pages.
Primary and Secondary Navigation. Primary navigation consists of the navigation elements that are accessible from most locations within the site. Secondary navigation elements allow the user to navigate within a specific location. For example, many sites have a page that offers information about the company. The primary navigation element may be an About Us link.

How to Guided Navigation: This is a popular technique, in which you guide the visitor
through your site. Links are provided for the next step and establishing links that keep the users on track continues the process.

Creating a Navigation Action Plan: Before creating navigation structure determines goals and needs of your audience need what the purpose of your site is and who your target audience will be.

After present my Navigation structure design out of crowds 40% professional and few clients also appreciate my present and others are totally fence. So what is your suggestion?


harshal8feb said...

Hi pravakar You gave such a nice information about website navigation. but, one thing i am really happy about you shared this topic for all of us.

aniruddha said...

Hi ,pravakar, you gave such a nice information about website navigation and SEO, it is wonderful, it's help me lot.Hope It will help me lot in future also.Nice attempt to share this thing to all.

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Hi, pravakar
The information you provide in the blog is wonderful, it gives me great deal of knowledge in SEO and website navigation.It is really wonderful.Nice attempt to share this information to all.