December 06, 2008

When Pay Per Click or Any Paid Advertising gives Low Performance

Pay Per Click like any other advertising medium takes research, time, money and most of all attention and patience. Some people use PPC marketing to get results while their site is slowly climbing the ranks and stop the campaign when they achieve a good natural listing.

The knowledge setup is to get a perfect natural rank AND make a good PPC campaign. Of course one of the most major factors in running a PPC campaign is to have the site to back it up. If your site is failing to set up to grab the visitors attention within the first two seconds and it doesn't look like you've taken the time to provide a trust worthy place for your visitor to shop and more importantly...BUY, then you've wasted your money.

Pay Per Click is not meant (although it is portrayed as such) to perform miracles, you can't put an ad and a few keywords in a campaign and expect to make any money at all. If it was that easy we would all be lighting our cigars with hundred dollar bills.

Here is what PPC comes down to, Advertising is Advertising! If you research it and do it correctly it will work, if you don't it won't.

There are many ways to making a PPC campaign work for you instead of you working for your campaign. Don't get bothered, just make your research. Follow the guidelines and tips that your PPC search engine gives can and does work if you do everything correctly!

My point is that Pay Per Click advertising is the millenniums answer to direct marketing. It's the same as any other advertising, if done correctly it works. The problem some inexperienced marketers have with PPC is what they believe to be fraudulent clicks. When in reality it is anything but. Very few companies if any will take the time and effort to target a small companies PPC campaign. What the non-professional advertiser mistakes for fraud is actually his website's inability to convert clicks to sales.

If a site owner sends his PPC visitor to the home page when his product is somewhere else on his site his PPC campaign will fail. If he sends them to the product page but it's not set up to sell the visitor his PPC campaign again will fail. The simple fact is, PPC works if you take the time to research and design your website to grab the visitors attention and keep it! Give your visitors what they want. Give them the information they need to stay focused and trusting. Don't make them search your site for what they are looking for. Send them there first, get there attention, sell them and go to the bank.

Most marketers would rather have natural listings then pay for clicks, I would say combining PPC with top natural listings can be an extremely powerful force. The problem is with the ever changing algorithms and the extremely competitive SERPS in today's market you can't always rely on staying at the top of the search engines, you can however stay at the top of your PPC campaigns providing you are willing to put the time in research, design and strategy.

Pay Per Click can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it's all up to you and how much research you want to do and how much time you want to spend doing it. PPC isn't the magical land of oz, you can't click your ruby slippers together and start making money. It takes time and effort but is well worth the reward once you understand the concept.

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