May 12, 2010

Finally Google gives new looks in its Search Result Page.

Time is changing and every bodies marketing technique and designing is changing. To stay update and bit the competitor every small and large business owner changes his website in order to provide more and more easy search able facilities to his customers. Even also Google, who has already achieved huge reputation and leads in search engine marketing place, now he has changed his search result page.

The change brings fantastic looks but how ever old design is much better then new. Ok let’s come to see what will get benefit from new look of Google, the redesign of the search result page simply take you back of Bing search engine. It’s very similar search result pages of Bing.

Well keeping out-of-the-way  Bing comparison of search result page, redesigned of Google search result pages now features a contextually similarity, you can see news, blogs, images, book and many more which is highlighting left navigation of Google search engine result page. The new side panel which has developed it also powered by Google’s search technology.

The question arise what’s benefit the showing of content in left hand panel. From first to last universal   search technology, the things on the left hand panel you can see the most important and suggest query, we can also able to switch such type of views.

Its also allow to you to take own suggest how you want to display your search result page.

In the same time Google has also pinched color palette and also logo – for giving new looks search engine result page.

How ever Google’s new design of search engine result page looks attractive but one negative point is taking loading more time in compare to old design, when you search query

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