May 16, 2010

“->” Easy Way to Optimize Ecommerce website.

Optimizing other website and E commerce website is totally different. E commerce website contains so lots of duplicate page or product pages which is search engine not like. So always it is major task all SEO guy to optimize Ecommerce website.

If you feel hesitated to handle your client ecommerce business then come out from this problem and read details in article step by step from my blog.

Usually ecommerce website contains hundreds page of products divided into sub categories also in subcategories. The ecommerce website allows to visitors view the product based upon price, products feature. Each of categories & sub categories has unique URLs but the copy of preparatory is same for all pages and focus within the sub category and category.

Get spotlight Importance of page
The Ecommerce website that focused the importance of page is not exceptional of implementation. its spotlights a bunch number of matters like content of duplicate in on page offered categories or sub-category of landing page. I will tell you the key benefit of optimizing category and sub-category in landing page

a) <Meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” /> use in the section of head for non indexing all paginated pages.

b) Use conical tag to all paginated page focusing main category using version like .

By simply changing it will effect dramatically result in search engine result page? Using no-indexing in the paginated page Google will no longer crawl and index that contains same content as other pages in the same category.)

You can see that search engine boot is not indexing and crawling the paginated page. Means the linked page those contains product details with unique information are daily visit by the search engine crawler still.

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