December 29, 2009


First off all i will give especial thanks and Happy New Year to my friends and visitors who directly or indirectly encourage me to write better and better post. SO WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Here is I am showing which is better in 2010, Squidoo, Hubpage or Blogspot, so you have to judge which one like. If you are a blogger then you may be heard squidoo and blogger. You will be thought that what the argument all on the subject of.
All are close to each others. All are perform different Squidoo’s architecture is totally different, function different but it totally web2.0 solution.

Blogspot or Blogger Owned by Google, Blogger is the most fashionable blogging display place online.  When it comes to creating media content whether images, video or iframe documents. Users are permitted to insert content from anywhere, lacking the fear of it.
Over in the Blogger in plan arena, users can easily change the position of the image within the post by just.

While there are so many differences and also lot of similarities.  Look closely at squidoo with Hubpages and Blogspot. You can easily identifying and analyzing the difference.

At HubPages user known as Author but In Squidoo known as LensMaster.
HubPages doesn't permit adult content (i.e.: porn). But in Squidoo, user can use adult content. Squidoo has own adult category, if a user have account setting in X rated lenses then he will be able to see the adult content.
Squidoo has an own forum: But currently Hubpage don’t have.
Capsules vs Modules: In HubPages modules known as Capsules. but in Squidoo capsules known as Modules.
 HubPages user can quickly able to add ‘capsules’ then 'modules' of Squidoo. As well as rearranging them. (At Squidoo user need to open up a different page but in Hubpage user need to open same page).
HubPages allow only two HTML but Squidoo allows html. If user has multipurpose with the Hyper Text Mark-up Language then he will enjoy adding text styles and formatting on the fly. If you're not well-known with HTML then visit to know
In Hubpage, you can use N number of character in Capsule but Squidoo Module you can use 2500 characters.
To publish Lenses you need at least 3 modules to be counted but in Hubs you need only one capsule.
GuestBook: In HubPages you can use un limited character in GuestBook but in Squidoo GuestBook you can use upto 300 character, that is the main different.

Photo and comment: in HubPages starts you with a text capsule, photo capsule and comments capsule. But in Squidoo you can find four options.
Adding Extra Capsules/Modules:  HubPages there is a path on right called "Add More Stuff". By click on the ones you want and it will add them in the order in which you click. Two down from that is a palette called "Capsule Ordering". You can "Drag and Drop" to organize the order. Double Click to make say the Photo Capsule half size and you can drop it onto a Text Capsule which will give you an image beside text or the wrap around effect.

With Squidoo you need to tick on the Add Modules button. You're going to a page where you are absolutely spoilt for choice. And for the uninitiated this can be intimidating.
 Tags: In Squidoo you can use up to 40 tags but in Hubpage no limit.

Url: See the difference

User/Visitor Rating: At Hub Pages visitor can give you a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down”. but at Squidoo  can give you a score out of five stars.

Statistics and Scoring: Hub Pages has Hub Score. The point should be count 1 to 100. 1 will be the lowest and 100 be the highest. Squidoo has Lensrank. A ranking system out of... however many lenses are in the system. 1 being the highest. And the lowest being somewhere near 250. Hub Score is updated every 10 minutes in Hubpage but in Squidoo Lensrank are generally update one tine in one day.

To see your traffic in Squidoo you have to wait up to one week. Squidoo usually take 7 days to show traffic but you can able to see details traffic in each day for that you have to one week, I mean after 7 days you will able to see details visitors behavior in squidoo.

HubPages, traffic will show every 1 day 7 days, 30 days and the life of the Hub.

You will get 10% when anybody sign up a Hubpage account through your referral link
In case of squidoo you will get $15. 
In HubPagesyou can use your own Adsense account. They manage your Adsense account.  But Squidoo has Adsense but it is their account. And they share the revenue according to Payrank


Anirudha said...

Wish you happy new year.

Really it is very difficult to say which is better. All are perform well in their own plat form

Anirudha said...

Thanks for update information

Sanjay said...

I think blogspot is good better then others