December 25, 2009


Every body knows Bing is the new search engine of Microsoft, Bing has captured good market share in June 2009 onward. Still it achieved better market share then Google and Yahoo.  If it will be continued, I think Bing will be number one search engine. More and more people are surfing BING. It will be necessary for all online marketer, SEO and Client to analyze their site how to get better leads and ranking in BING.So here I am explaining you how to optimize your site according to BING in 2010

 In 2010 all marketer and search engine are changing their technique, you should be change optimizing technique for BING search engine below I am giving few tips which will be useful for website.

Content Rules: Content is primary important for Bing. You can use up to 300 words in page. Content should be relevant with keyword rich.

Theme base Titles: Now Bing likes theme base title. If you want to see your website in top in Bing , create relevant title

Keyword density: 6%-8% keyword density necessary for Bing. So try to increase website density.
Early reporting on this indicates the following differences:

URL: Try to use short URL for internal link, Bing give more important on url always try to use short and absolute url.

Anchor tag: Use your website title in anchors tags when you are using for internal link. Don’t forget to use keyword in title tag.Stop   the bot from by giving a link:  the rel=”nofollow” parameter in your anchor tags to identify pages you don’t want followed

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Thanks for advance tips on Bing