October 14, 2009

Why should a online marketer used reverse search engine optimization!

May be or may not be online marketer knows about this tips. According to me it is a sort of search engine marketing technique.

Regular SEO means practicing positive online reputation management and making sure your website visible the top of the search engine rankings. But reverse SEO means doing the opposite, and pushing negative press and negative reviews further down the search results.

Use reverse search engine optimization when your company or brand has been lambasted in the online world, and that negative review is showing up at the top of the Google search results. Reverse SEO pushes the negative pages down in the ranking, but doesn't necessarily put your page at the top.

What regarding when customers are searching your name or products, but your competitor's name is showing up at the top? While you have to like the other guy's online reputation management, it can be aggravating when you're selling roses, but your competition's tulips keep popping up instead. While you can hope and pray that the other guy goes out of business soon, you're better off trying a little reverse search engine optimization instead. It's cheaper, easier, and doesn't cost other people their livelihoods.

Search engine marketing experts tell us that most people don't want to visit the second or third pages of results. So the goal behind reverse search engine optimization is to push a negative review like that off of the first page, and possibly into the fourth or fifth page.

In that situation you can use reverse search engine tips , so what are some reverse search engine optimization techniques?

The biggest bat in our reverse search engine optimization arsenal: start blogging. Search engines like blogs, because it provides fresh content. And the more fresh content you have, the higher you place in the search engine results. Publish a new blog post at least two or three times a week (10 times a month).

Another way is to write press releases filled with your search engine marketing terms. If you sell car in USA, create press releases about car is USA. It helps search engines find your content useful, which boosts you up in the rankings, and pushes the other websites down.

Leaving comments in other websites is another reverse search engine optimization practice. By leaving comments on other blogs, discussion forums, and social networks with links that point to your blog posts, you tell the search engines your blog is important.

Finally, joining social networks is another great reverse search engine optimization method. Believe it or not, search engines will even post results from Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube in their search results. So don't forget to include valuable content (including keywords) on these other sites, which will then start appearing on the top search pages.

SO what is your opinion.

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