September 15, 2009

Tips for optimizing your site for Twitter

There are lots of significant online marketing strategies that can help you to optimize your business on the web. Some of these include building a marketing plan for your site and your business, issue press releases, case studies, monthly newsletters, white papers, corporate blogging, participate in forums and engage in social media; build branded Pages, personalized channels, etc.

So, my question is how can you optimize your company’s website to perform good on social media sites such as Twitter? How can you take improvement of the power of Twitter and use it to generate traffic and build brand equity? So I am explain few tips you can use to guide yourselves:

1. Keyword Research: First thing that you should understand the language your potential customers use. This means that you should be able to determine what are the common keywords that your potential customer usually uses for their search queries. Why I am telling you because this is important to be able to send a clear message to your target market and increase web traffic with the use of key terms. You can use tools such as the Google Keyword Tool to help you.

2. Branding yourself through Twitter: Branding is vital for any business and this social platform is a useful tool to reach your audience. A great way to attract your audience is to set up different accounts, each one catering to a specific market, sector or interest. This will help maintain consistency in your message and engage better with your audience.

3. Create relationships: The more the better and the quicker you’ll rise to the top. The more followers you have, the better the reputation and the more users will trust you. It’s important to build relationships and make connections with other tweeps in your industry to generate more follows.

4. Be creative, engage and interact: Twitter is a microblogging site; so it’s a place where people meet to exchange ideas and information on any given topic. Leading off interesting conversations and introducing stimulating topics and content that contain relevant keywords is definitely the way to go.

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