December 03, 2008


I will create 2 (two) different online blogs for you.

One blog is created from Google's blog and the second blog is created from a Wordpress blog. The Google blog is important to you because we know that Google will index those blogs regularly as new content is added into your blog. The Wordpress blogs are very search engine friendly and are also very important for many of the other top online search engines such as Yahoo and MSN. When we create each of these blogs for you, we will also utilize your most important keywords as part of the url paths for your blogs. This is important to you because your blogs will be regarded much better and your blogs content will rank much higher by the search engines for that particular subject matter as indicated by the text and keywords within your blogs url paths.

What Does This Service Include?

EVERY WEEK I will write 1 (one) interesting, informative and professionally written - 400 word blog post - on your subject matter and place it in one of your blogs.
We will alternate from one week to the next week placing blog posts in each of your two different blog sites. Each of these writings and blog posts will contain three different, relevant text links utilizing your important keywords and keyword phrases that you provide to us that will point direct to your website. Of course some of these links can point directly to your important interior web page urls. These text links will also be using variations of your important keywords so that your web site will grow in link popularity for all your relevant and related keywords. Also to to further add to the value of your blog, we will also place an occasional link to other relevant and related subject matter web sites that will add value to your blog and to your blog reader's experience. These may be links to sites like Wikipedia or Pravakar's article directory etc. Of course, you will have access to each of your blogs so that you can edit or change any blog posts that you desire. All blog postings are well written by our English speaking writers. You will get high quality 400 word blog posts that will drive targeted traffic to your site and give you blog marketing results! 

How Will Each of Your Blogs and your Blog Content Be Promoted?

EACH WEEK, i will do a submission for each of your blogs into another important RSS feed on your behalf.
As a leading internet marketing company we recognize that not only is it important to have blogs with new, high quality content being added regularly, but we also recognize that it is equally important to have your blogs promoted in various ways so that the top search engines and targeted readers will see, read and utilize this blog content and visit the links inside your blogs to arrive at your web site. This is another area where our professional knowledge and expertise of internet marketing gives you a strong boost ahead of the competition to help you grow your online business!

ALSO each week, when I post another new, well written blog posting into your blog on your behalf, I shell also social bookmark those new blog posts into several key social bookmark sites on the web.

This will get your blogs newly written content quickly indexed and read by the search engines and better exposed to these top search engines and ultimately reach more targeted web visitors. This is blog promotion and blog marketing that is in addition to listing and indexing both of your 2 (two) blogs with new RSS feeds each week. This means that over time, all the important RSS feeds will learn and index your blogs and the search engines will be quickly informed of your blogs content with a boost from the social bookmarks. This one-two punch of RSS feeds and social bookmarks combined with original, informative 400 word content will provide blog marketing that will rocket launch your business. Remember that RSS feeds alone have very wide audiences of targeted readers, viewers and web site visitors. When you combine all of this together you get blog promotion that builds your business dramatically!

Why Do you NEED This Service!

Search engine friendly blogs have become one of the most important online web tools that are generating a tremendous amount of traffic and web site exposure from search engines and targeted visitors.
Active blogs drive targeted traffic to web sites as a result of the search engines listings they create. Additionally, tons of targeted online web visitors and readers look for blogs related to subject matter they have an interest in knowing more about.
By having two blogs that are both search engine friendly and that are search engine optimized for your subject matter and for all your important keywords, you are sure to establish your web site business as an authority on your particular subject matter...
Visitors that read your blogs will eventually visit your web site and make a purchase. Readers will become more familiar with your company and your business as well as it's products and services as time progresses.
You are building brand awareness and generating the MOST TARGETED TRAFFIC you could ever hope to find for your online business!

In addition, all blog postings and content information will be indexed almost immediately by the top and most important search engines. Each of these individual blog postings could potentially earn a top search engine position and ranking in these high traffic search engines for your important and relevant keywords! The end result, is that these blog posts and blog marketing can deliver a tremendous amount of traffic, sales and profits to your online web business from all the various links that are contained in your blogs.

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