May 31, 2007

Use Of web Analytics

To use web Analysis, A web Marketers want to know weather his websites are attracting visitors or not their investment is paying off. With web analytics, you can identify website features. You'll also able to understand how visitors interact with your website. As result you can identify the navigational chokepoints that prevent visitors from completing their conversion goals. By segmenting visitors, A web marketer can also find out how profitable your search marketing campaigns are across search engines and/or search strategies like Search Engine Optimization, pay per click and Pay-For-Calls advertising.

It helps you to learn exactly where your best customers come from and which markets are the most profitable. Analytics can show you how your site operates and how your visitors interact with it.


Your key performance indicators (KPIs) should be based on your overall business goals and the role your website plays in achieving those goals. KPIs should be company specific and not influenced by industry averages or your competitors'

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