April 29, 2010

How Important are META Tags in your Website?

Current search engine rules Meta tags don’t issue. Meta tags are not wonderful solutions of Search Engine Optimization. It helps to find out how your website rank major search engine site like Google, Yahoo and others. Meta tag can involve the amount of incoming traffic that your website gains. Generally you want Meta tags on each pages of your website. You don’t have Meta tags on any page of website but it should be in main landing page.

still not getting ! depending ahead  what you study about search engine optimization, Meta Tags are either all in all , end all of your best SEO practices else non relevant work out  eclipsed  by  more major thing  like site content  and popularity of link.

Over the years and years so many online marketer or SEO guys has been discussed and debated of Meta tags & some times site has been responded to take the task of using few word Meta data which not suitable  the website substance . Whatever you think about use of Meta or Html let me I clear that it will help if you are going to execute code on your website. So try to do in such way that Meta tags will enhance rather then impairment your site)

First survey of Meta tags: Meta tags have so many code that you have to apply in webpage.

KEYWORDS -  a store for placing keywords relevant to the website in one space, as result to help search engine allow to catch  and find site properly.

DESCRIPTION- Using the same technique of keyword tag, the description tag permits the website holder to review the use of website.

ROBOTS – ROBOTS tag helps search engine spider to visit the site, either allowing of stopping them to catch your website information.

COPYRIGHT – confirms the ownership of the site, helpful if copyrighted used.

REVISIT – it guide to search engine spider to revisit the site at the fix time.

Note: the website owner who wants to message unique information properly indexed, Meta tags help to improve.


SEO Services India said...

I do agree with you Pravakar, Meta tag plays a vital role for your site ranking and business performance.

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You are right! Meta tags not only play major roles in ranking but also play to get better visitors