January 05, 2010


Twitter has come out to market few years back but it has got more popularity in 2009.Now twitter is more search able and lots of people are spending more time then Google. SO Twitter is considered as first real time search engine or second search engine after google.com.

In between Twitter has updated so many tools out of these tools Twitter Karma is one of the most advantage and useful tools in 2010. It’s time to come for every business owner to increase their business by using

Twitter karma.

It is tool where you can manage twitter friends and followers by sorting and riddling them.

Twitter Karma shows you at a fleeting look who are following and who is subsequent you. So what, accurate? Incorrect.

Twitter Karma helps to scanned your pages I mean it will show to sign one is green and red. Green sign will indicate who are following them and red will show you who are following you. Suppose if you are following each other then their image will indicate both red and green mark.

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KrutiBash Sahoo said...

Nice Article. I think Twitter Karma look cool but its function is not equal to Twitter Adder. The way you have present amazing. I hope you have deep researched on that topic