December 18, 2009


May be you found various ways to earn money online but today I am tell you one of the best social networking site through which you can able to earn money. That social networking site is “SQUIDOO”  Through entire my (blog) I will guide you how to create, optimize and Online Money Making tips , so if have any doubt through out my blog you can freely contact me.

SQUIDO is one of the most well-liked web publishing online way and community that create its very simple and easiest way for you to create profile online. SQUIDO is specially designed to enable to your information to message your reader with concentrated information on a particular topic that you going to provide. Once you developed high quality focused lens, make your money making tips and expertise known to your SQUIDO Lens Visitors.

Creating account in SQUIDO Lens is so simple. Just open SQUIDO website then register details then go to lens and select create lens then follow step by step SQUIDO guideline 
There is so many technique and tips to analyze and monitoring SQUIDO Lens. I am giving you few tips which quality informative and useful.

1- Choose Niche topic that will help to create more interest and world widely search able cause is money making optional in SQUIDO totally depend on your traffic that your lens will achieve – this is necessary for you because you are going to earn money from advertisement revenue or by promoting affiliate service. This Tip is really necessary to keep in your mind if you really want to make money through SQUIDO.
2- Choose a unique content that no body uses before. Write something attractive content that drives more traffic to your lens using your target keyword.
These SQUIDOO Tips cover tactics often overlooked by SQUIDOO newbie’s.
3- Create or add hyperlink using html. When you are going to create hyperlink then use target keyword because your visitor will redirect to your landing page by clicking your hyperlink. By using hyper link will get 19 point from SQUIDO.
4- One of the major task is regular basis update your lens. By updating fresh content in your lens, your visitor will able to read from you as result you will able to keep engage them. Your SQUIDO ranking will increase.
5- Use graphics in lens. You know eye catching images and graphic attract follower attention. By adding images, your visitor will spend more time. When you are going to add your image or graphic don’t forget to break up the text and make your lens more interesting and readable. From this option you will receive 9 point.
6- Use your target keywords as your lens. It is primary hints to use your highly target keywords. From your keyword research visitor will comes to your lens. Google like other search engine gives more priority to website or lens that used by keyword. From here you can get 8 points.

7- Use up 40 tags. It is important to use 40 tags. You can use 40 tags in each lens. Research good keywords and high search volume then insert this tag. By adding tag your lens score will be 7 point.
8- Submit lens to search engines. After created lens submit your lens in various major search engines. By submitting search engine your SQUIDO Lens quickly index by search engine and listed in top position. If you will regularly submit then your lens will get 4 point from Google.
9- Submit lens to social bookmaking sites. Submitting your lens in SBM site you can spread your lens within lot of community site and you can drive more traffic in sort period.
10- Use keyword in Description. This is necessary when you are making description for SQUIDO then don’t forget to use your keyword because your keyword and description will display in Google search. Try to use long tail keywords. Another 3 point you will get.
11- Set Contact. By adding contact you can show your mail id. And your visitors will able to reach you.
I think you got enough technique how to make money with SQUIDO   to find on track with SQUIDO. in addition there is no other  good  path  to learn anything then to do it practically. So if have any doubts then mail me or visit my website  and start earning money online..


Traveling Experience said...

Really interesting post.Earning money is very top from SQUIDO.

Anirudha said...

This is amazing post, i have never heard before. Well done

Emma Smith said...

Squidoo is really good source where we can trust on it, it does add precious benefit to your site... really great information.

Emma Smith said...

Squidoo is really good source where we can trust on it, it does add precious benefit to your site... really great information.

bathmate said...

Good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.

Nick Matyas said...

It is a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.