October 28, 2009

Tips for Improving Campaign Performance

Based on my working experience with managing AdWords ads, I‘ve researched few steps that will help to improve account’s performance.
Fine-tune your keywords.

Research with your keyword matching. I goanna to say you select right keyword match option. Few keywords work better as exact matches, others with phrase match. Sometimes you can see that adding a negative match gets great results. My suggest is Add plurals, synonyms, and related phrases to your keyword lists.
Rework your ad text. Include a call-to-action - language designed to entice the customer to take an immediate action.
Manage your ad groups by subject based on your products, services, or other categories. Figure your ads around your keywords. Try running 3 to 4 ads per ad group.

Chose the right landing page. Be sure the destination or landing page for your ad is a page where users can find easily the product or service that you are promoting in your ad. Pass on to specific keywords, offers, and calls to action on your landing pages. Design your landing page navigation as simple as possible to easily understanding for visitors discourage easy transactions.

Enable content bids. When you are enabling your content bids, you can place one price when your ads run on Google and its search partner sites, and a different price for Google Network content sites and products.


search engine optimization service said...

search engine bots only sees in your website is 'text' for them to categorize and indexed your website...and of course the 'relevancy' of the content. Therefore, have a quality content(rich) for them to hunt you down...

Pravakar said...

Ya, you are right but i am here to discuss on Improving Campaign Performance in Adwords. main purpose is increase CTR in PPC not for organic ways