January 12, 2009

Social Shopping for e-commerce website

First Off all I will say to my Reader Happy New Year.
I thought what ever i have given information regarding search engine optimization, search engine marketing and online marketing all are going to old. So that I have little bit research new technique for 2009. I know it will not help to other site but it will help e-commerce website.I will explain you about Social Shopping for E-commerce Website and its Use.

Build Your Site Around a Person
Put a face on the site that customers can connect with in terms of recommendations and advice. Make sure that the person, rather than the corporation, becomes the target for trust.

Here is few tips:
Participate in newer forms of social shopping.like: StyleFeeder, Stylehive, Kaboodle, and ThisNext.

Create or join fan groups on major social networks

Participate in the conversation through community boards or blogs to provide a conduit for customers to get product and related information and engagement.

Leverage customer comments and reviews on your site or through other sites and blogs, such as BizRate, Epinions, and Trusted Opinion.

Three Social Shopping Factors to Get Right

While social shopping can help drive traffic and aid search optimization, there are three factors to assess, regardless of how you participate in social shopping. They are:

* Optimize the user experience on your Web site and search marketing and e-mail communications to maximize new prospect conversion. Don't underestimate the importance of getting the basics correct, because you don't want to go through a lot of effort to get traffic that doesn't convert.

* Set aside a budget to start and maintain these initiatives. Consider marketing dollars, headcount, and organizational bandwidth.

* Monitor the environment to determine how your offering and the competition's are showing up in conversational media, regardless of your level of involvement.

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