November 28, 2008

Social Media Are PERSONAL Communication Tools for Small Business!

After all giving information about SEO/SEM and On line Marketing technique I thought I will gives few tips to small business that use Social media as personal communication Tools

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Lot of companies and small businesses are curious now to learn how they can use social media to grow their businesses. Unfortunately, far fewer businesses are willing to invest the time to understand what these tools are, and why people are so excited about using them.

A few days ago, I put a one-word tweet on Twitter that perhaps encapsulated how she was feeling at that particular moment;
And if you're a company that wants to start blogging, or start using Twitter, you need to understand why this happened. It happened because people aren't on Twitter and aren't blogging so they will be in a position to receive your marketing messages. They are using social media to connect with other people.

If you aren't willing to connect with your customers via social media as real people, then you are wasting everyone's time.

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