April 18, 2008

Secrete Tips For Online Classified Ads

Classified ads are most necessary for online marketing. It give 70% target Visitor and also increase sales volume. Classfieds are essentially just condensed form of solo (full page) ads. They are small as there is usually a limit to the number of lines or number of characters that you are allowed to put in.

Classified ads can be free (certain restrictions are likely to apply) or can cost you as low as less than $10. For the ones that you have to pay, prices vary depending on where you advertise, how large the subscriber list is and the number of impressions (how many times your ad appears).

You may consider placing your online classified ads on a website that is already generating huge traffic or in someone else’s ezine.

Here are 8 tips on crafting out your online classified ads:

1- Location

2-Make your add work for you

3-Your title matters: Grab your reader to attend.

4-Power Speak

5-Link it

6- Picture Full

7-Legitimize with your log

8- Make sure its free

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