September 25, 2007

Face Book

Google is getting a bit more like Facebook by enabling a Facebook-style news feed within its Orkut social networking site, while the king of the walled gardens Facebook acknowledges in actions (rather than words) that it really can't go it alone without search engines like Google, as it prepares to let crawlers into its public user profiles. Actually, Facebook is telling its users that existing profiles already accessible to search engines will be exposed even more. Below, more on the moves, with lots of screenshots and explanations.

Public Search Listings on Facebook from the Facebook Blog covers how as of today, some limited user profile information -- what Facebook calls a "Public Search Listing" -- is being made available to anyone who comes to Facebook, regardless of whether they are logged in. This will include search engine spiders, as well. That means these listings should start showing up in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Livs to Track Website Traffic

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