August 11, 2007

Keywords in SEO

In SEO Factor how to use or place keywords in site. Before going to place keyword, you should give importance some factor. A well formatted page will have same keywords, in the same and verified keyword proximity within the page title, descriptions, H1 tag should be used in quality and proper keywords, keywords should be anchor text, title.

Keyword Proximity.
Key words Proximity means all keywords in all page of a site should be in first page. Its gives important of site, It also give closeness between two keywords, phrase,

Keyword Frequency:

It means how many number of keywords repeated on page, search engine placement gives importance that keyword should be repeated. A general way keyword should be repeated 3-10 times on a page

Keyword Prominence:
Keyword prominence refers to the importance of a key word or key term, measured as a position and considering the following factors

1) The position of the key term in relation to the rest of the content in a web page in any given position

2) The keyword density on a web page and across an entire web site.

Keyword prominence measures how close to the start of an area of a page that a keyword appears. In general, a keyword that appears closer to the top of the page will be more relevant. However, sometimes it helps to have a keyword in the middle of an area, or even toward the end of the area..

Keyword Density:

Keyword Density: Keyword density is almost never this high. The recommended density is 3-7%. This means that your keyword should repeat 3-7 times for every 100 words.

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