June 14, 2007

Power Searching For Anyone to your site

Hi, Guys ,did you know how visiter searching your site.
Search engines have a variety of ways for you to refine and control your searches. Some of them offer menu systems for this. Others require you to use special commands as part of your query.

For most people, the basic commands covered on the Search Engine Math page will be sufficient. I encourage you to read the search engine math page first. Get comfortable using the commands that are described. If you need more power after that, then review the other options on this page.

The search engine features chart below is designed primarily for users of search engines. It summarizes key search commands and search assistance features. These are described more fully on the Search Engine Math, Power Searching For Anyone and Search Assistance Features pages. You may also find information on the Search Engine Features For Webmasters page to be of interest. See the Major Search Engines page for links to the services listed below.
By default, AOL Search will look for any sites in its Open Directory information that contain all the words you enter. It will check both the words in the Open Directory listing and the words on the page that the listing leads to.

AOL Search will not check for matches in its Inktomi listings UNLESS there are absolutely no Open Directory listings that match all words. However, if you use AOL Search's advanced search page (see the Search Assistance page) and choose the "On the Web Only" option, then your search will be conducted against only Inktomi's listings.

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