May 16, 2010

“->” Easy Way to Optimize Ecommerce website.

Optimizing other website and E commerce website is totally different. E commerce website contains so lots of duplicate page or product pages which is search engine not like. So always it is major task all SEO guy to optimize Ecommerce website.

If you feel hesitated to handle your client ecommerce business then come out from this problem and read details in article step by step from my blog.

Usually ecommerce website contains hundreds page of products divided into sub categories also in subcategories. The ecommerce website allows to visitors view the product based upon price, products feature. Each of categories & sub categories has unique URLs but the copy of preparatory is same for all pages and focus within the sub category and category.

Get spotlight Importance of page
The Ecommerce website that focused the importance of page is not exceptional of implementation. its spotlights a bunch number of matters like content of duplicate in on page offered categories or sub-category of landing page. I will tell you the key benefit of optimizing category and sub-category in landing page

a) <Meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” /> use in the section of head for non indexing all paginated pages.

b) Use conical tag to all paginated page focusing main category using version like .

By simply changing it will effect dramatically result in search engine result page? Using no-indexing in the paginated page Google will no longer crawl and index that contains same content as other pages in the same category.)

You can see that search engine boot is not indexing and crawling the paginated page. Means the linked page those contains product details with unique information are daily visit by the search engine crawler still.

May 12, 2010

Finally Google gives new looks in its Search Result Page.

Time is changing and every bodies marketing technique and designing is changing. To stay update and bit the competitor every small and large business owner changes his website in order to provide more and more easy search able facilities to his customers. Even also Google, who has already achieved huge reputation and leads in search engine marketing place, now he has changed his search result page.

The change brings fantastic looks but how ever old design is much better then new. Ok let’s come to see what will get benefit from new look of Google, the redesign of the search result page simply take you back of Bing search engine. It’s very similar search result pages of Bing.

Well keeping out-of-the-way  Bing comparison of search result page, redesigned of Google search result pages now features a contextually similarity, you can see news, blogs, images, book and many more which is highlighting left navigation of Google search engine result page. The new side panel which has developed it also powered by Google’s search technology.

The question arise what’s benefit the showing of content in left hand panel. From first to last universal   search technology, the things on the left hand panel you can see the most important and suggest query, we can also able to switch such type of views.

Its also allow to you to take own suggest how you want to display your search result page.

In the same time Google has also pinched color palette and also logo – for giving new looks search engine result page.

How ever Google’s new design of search engine result page looks attractive but one negative point is taking loading more time in compare to old design, when you search query

May 10, 2010

Top 8 Advanced Reputation Brand Management Tips will necessary for your online business

Time changing, marketing plan changing, user behavior changing. It also happened in the sectors of internet marketing. With the growing use of internet companies are conscious about to make their brand stronger as result their busy keep on discuss about his brand. 

Question is how they make visitors to engage to discuss about his brand. In this article I will explained few advanced tips that will help all small and big business owner to make their brand more useable, searchable and visitors will give more time discuss about their brand.
                 Online reputation of brand is vast way to make your brand more popularity. Online reputation management will help the brand positive search engine ranking and publicity.


The sites those published negative content about your brand; you can request that site webmaster or website owner to remove their negative remark. Analyze the site who is publishing positive reviews about your brand.

Blog creating:

Create your business blog which will allow product promotion, services, sales, discounts, etc.

Social Bookmarking:

Use social bookmarking tools in your blog post to track target viral traffic.

Create lens and hubpages:

Lense and hubpages plays important roles to give highly positive response the brand. You should create Squidoo lenses and Hubpages to popularize brand


Create testimonial page and tell to the customers to give positive comment about your products or service. You can participant also in, Consumer or which are specialized review sites.

Social media marketing:

Create perfect social media marketing for your business to promote your brand using Linked In, twitter and Facebook

Press releases:

Make press release about your product regular basis. Through press release you can able to show unique feature, offers, sales about your product, where online user can able to know through various news site about your business.

Write Syndicate articles:

Create well written articles for syndication. This will help to get excellence back links and increase search engine rankings.

Take an Expert help:

Always look for expert who can help to promote and manage your brand in professional ways.
So if you feel that you need your online reputation in big profit, its good time for your business to hire online brand reputation Management Company to promote your brand online and create better ROI.

May 06, 2010

5 Search Engine tips to maintain your #1 Ranking in Google-After You’ve gained the top.

I have discussed about how to get top rankings in search engine result page for target keywords in most of blog post. Getting ranking is not crucial step but staying in top ranking is major fact.  What step you do when you reach your goal finally in #1 search engine ranking. Do you cleanly enjoy the journey and request major search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc keeps your keywords at the top position! Or else is there any way you can be better practical with your approach so you can preserve and even add to your achievement

In this blog post I will give you whole solution about to maintain step by step to be #1 ranking.

Admit it or not getting #1 ranking for couples of competitive keywords is not the end of the war for your SEO campaign. If you are auspicious sufficient to even be in situation like this , still there few things you can do to freeze  your position for the long period and better further increase conversions and traffic.

You guys very well know, SEO at its core all about quality content and inbound & out bound links. If your website has both, your site is more expected to rank satisfactorily in the search engines. That mean said, the competition (ranked 2-10) is not in to get you and you can’t meet the expense of to sit on your hands

If you want to be on top for highly target keywords, might be you are achieving lots of target traffic then you need to increase your link ability of your page.
What you do to get natural links that come from tops listing. A lot of website owners, people believe ranking of Google, so they look link resources. Your task is to analyze and improve”linkability” by establishing to everybody that is not creating mistake by ranking first to your website.

Below five advanced search engine tips and tricks which you may follow to obtain your top ranking.
No.1. Website Design- improves design of your website, when it comes to magnetizing links.
Spread out website content and create it leader and bears.
Remove advertising temporarily. May be I am sure you would want to analyze ranking, some times too many ads might be an off-ramp for link, if you over do. It is the good tips to limit your ads until to achieve few more links. This will help to make better money on later.

Look out links quickly- once you are in top ranking in competitive keyword, you can weight your arrangement to achieve more links. Take an example; you added a link in relevant wikipedia page is better likely to bond. Another way is that you can ask to blogger to link if they have related content on their website. Search for getting links whether it be guest posting, article posting, forum marketing or press release. Not only add links but also create it more complicated to leave behinds for other. Optimize and mix up the anchor text links & try to achieve as soon as good ranking in related phrases.

Analyze & Optimize click through rates and conversions – getting benefit from #1 ranking is important fact. Possibilities are or not. Always improvement of clicks through rates and conversions rate. Read few tricks for each.
Click through rates – getting #1 search engine ranking doesn’t mean you will achieve N number of visitors per day. While placing is undeniably important, still you can increase the chance of click through rates by pinching the following points.

Title tags- Title tags play major roles to achieve better click through rate because it express your site information to visitors. Title tag is the bold line text you can find out search engine result page. By adding symbols like “*” or “->” to the starting of the title to attract attention.

Meta Tag Description- This is the bunch of words that displays in your search engine listing. Google will oftentimes changes depend on searched; you can indicate preference by adding inserting Meta description tag in the head part of your web site page. Try to add attractive descriptive sentence in your target keywords and a call to action to interest users’ attention.

Conversion rates – After you have achieved #1 position in the ranking of search engine, the visitors click through clicked through to your website. You need them to convert! In other sense, you want to searchers to do whatever you want them to take action on your site, whether it be clicking your ads, buying your product, service or sign up your news latter.

Test, now give more time to test, analyze your website, visitors then give more time on test. at the side of  performing A/B testing use hot services that will help to see where searcher clicking most. If you are staying money making mind, it will help this tricks

Spread on ranking opportunities – getting #1 ranking good there is chance even more usability. What method can you take? Ok firs the scope expanding keyword of the ranking pages to aim more keyword. Take an example if your title is “used cars” you can spread like “used cars in California or used cars for sale in California” that will help to allow for getting better ranking and more visitors. But sure you will be using density of keywords in the title tags of your main keywords
Also, you can include a second concave listing in your search result. Suppose you have 2 rankings in search engine result page. Google will put up second one to list up right under first. For e.g. if your site has #1 ranking  and #10 ranking for a using keywords in same domain , Google will automatically put up the number 10 ranking #2. After all you get search engine ranking #10 to #2 which is more worth effort. Create and analyze related page and research for it.

Future-proof your ranking in SEO- Search Engine Optimization such a vast online industry is tremendously unstable and your search engine ranking could change easily according to the algorithms of new technology. Question is “what step you should take to prevent this? One solution is future proofing SEO ranking.

In toting up the quality link and good content below are few tricks which search engine will like for up coming future the find out the website authority.

Traffic/ visitors engagement- There is lots of information in Google has like behavior of user. How they react on your website, how much time spending on your website. All its comes after getting top search engine ranking.

Branding- CEO of Google already said that brands will concentrate effort the Internet culvert of propaganda. If you need to build a brand or be the part of culvert of propaganda? Instead of creating generic site which throwaway in search engine result page. Take an example, if your achieving high amount of traffic from search, just looks twisted and able to head out few red flags. Build a solid strong brands and business & Google if dose not rank you highly it seems bad on them.

Social Media- After all social media is every thing now days. Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook Have a large amount of user data and all of this can be forced to figure out popular stories, blogs or website. Promote your website these areas if you never don before.

April 29, 2010

How Important are META Tags in your Website?

Current search engine rules Meta tags don’t issue. Meta tags are not wonderful solutions of Search Engine Optimization. It helps to find out how your website rank major search engine site like Google, Yahoo and others. Meta tag can involve the amount of incoming traffic that your website gains. Generally you want Meta tags on each pages of your website. You don’t have Meta tags on any page of website but it should be in main landing page.

still not getting ! depending ahead  what you study about search engine optimization, Meta Tags are either all in all , end all of your best SEO practices else non relevant work out  eclipsed  by  more major thing  like site content  and popularity of link.

Over the years and years so many online marketer or SEO guys has been discussed and debated of Meta tags & some times site has been responded to take the task of using few word Meta data which not suitable  the website substance . Whatever you think about use of Meta or Html let me I clear that it will help if you are going to execute code on your website. So try to do in such way that Meta tags will enhance rather then impairment your site)

First survey of Meta tags: Meta tags have so many code that you have to apply in webpage.

KEYWORDS -  a store for placing keywords relevant to the website in one space, as result to help search engine allow to catch  and find site properly.

DESCRIPTION- Using the same technique of keyword tag, the description tag permits the website holder to review the use of website.

ROBOTS – ROBOTS tag helps search engine spider to visit the site, either allowing of stopping them to catch your website information.

COPYRIGHT – confirms the ownership of the site, helpful if copyrighted used.

REVISIT – it guide to search engine spider to revisit the site at the fix time.

Note: the website owner who wants to message unique information properly indexed, Meta tags help to improve.

April 20, 2010

By Applying Advanced Tips LinkedIn to Search Professional Employee & Client

Current time you can get so many social media website used as social media marketing. Among them LinkedIn is one of the high profile oriented social networking site which is specially use for business purpose or professional networking. So LinkdIn achieved more than 60 million of business profile with to 31 ranked in Alexa ranking.

The question is how to optimize your profile of your website profile (if you are using your website marketing purpose) in LinkedIn as result you can draw your business from this social media site. I will be discussed thoroughly from beginning to end through out my website

A well established business owner always searching well talent employee for his growing organization. He/she can find talented employee only in LinkedIn because above 60 million professional resume over 200 country listed in one website as result recruiter will able to easily get and analyze employee background according to the business requirement. In stead of searching employee in various jobsite like times job website, they can save their budget through LinkedIn, this is another advanced.

So question is how to reach your resume to various requiters or how to make more popular your profile or how to achieve more visitors through LinkdIn website for your business. I am explaining few tips and trick through out my blog.

1. Create connection

In the lesion of your every day business might be you don’t aware who will be your next customer. Same things also happen for requiter. It‘s necessary to keep on connect and make connection with different type of professional people. Take example my LinkedIn Profile has connection from local, international entrepreneurs, clients and job where I do business with them, I take few advanced tips when do introduction with them
2. Participate & Join Groups


By joining and participate in group you can get both professional as well as personality benefit where you can get same group community which will be help. Suppose you are in business professional and want to looking same category, LinkdIn has The Business Association where you can join and directly or indirectly interact.

3. Engage with Questions and Answers

once you create and joining with various groups, create opportunities to keep on engage people by discussing through asking and answering question. Watch user who allocate your topic and join your conversion.

4. Cram and update LinkedIn

This technique is easy and vast ways identify visitors or client for promotions, awards, and achievements. By applying this tricks you can always remembered by people regularly that are make your profile unique. From this process people you will know you, about your organization, your business and what you doing your business

April 18, 2010

5 Crucial Fact I use Lunarpages Hosting Service for Growing my Blogging Business

With high quality business and personal web hosting with affordable price , Lunarpages a better hosting place that made me to be a contribute customer Web Hosting

Used of easily cPanel
Various web hosting companies has to utilize different layout for their backend. CPanel used by Lunarpages, very simple up till now well-built backend system. I am able to finish 40 different major works from the cPanel. This proficient facilities gives to save my time as well as budget.

Unlimited hosting Domains
Lunarpages is simply expandable including any number of domain names without hiking hosting price
For new domain name I have to pay without worry about increasing of the higher storage and bandwidth or hosting package price

Free promotions advertising
Each & every of new account Lunarpages offers eye catching display of advertising prospects including credits and coupons of search engine optimization, advertising and many more. Lunarpages works unbreakable to help its clients catch off better start.

Recently I have got benefit by using their $100 AdWords credit. After paying of $10 to make AdWords account, I was get chance to achieve $100 of absolutely free advertising in major search engine Google.

Low & Reasonable price.
In accumulation of opposing strongly in the empires of client service and steadfast hosting Lunarpages gives in low price as $4.95/month, Lunarpages is one of the best must expensive companies in the hosting marketing.

Easy WordPress Plugin Install.
Another major reason, I like to use Lunarpages due to their vast WordPress Plugin install, takes few clicks. I able to create WordPress completely new by using the simple scripts. All technical works is done automatically.

For that amazing web hosting service and customer support, I prefer to use Lunarpages, so you can check details reviews of Lunarpages

April 17, 2010

What to Notice before Taking Web Hosting Service from a Web Hosting Company

In rummage around of a well-mannered hosting company, it should be important to notice what service is providing you by the web hosting company. Always to know you’re necessary of hosting before taking hosting service Web Hosting
Lots of web hosting companies like Lunarpages are offering various types of services. Be consider to select which one suitable according to your business
Step 1
Be sure server of host gives better fast internet connection as result your website will be easily reload within half second. Mainly hosting company are providing two types of connection one is At3 and another is T1, so go for T1 connection and don’t go for dial up connect coz it take too much time to load your site.
Step 2
Search out the machines, how many numbers of machines are connecting in your server. Analyze with other services as end result you needn’t to be traffic slow down from additional websites.
Step 3
Hits and bandwidth is important, find out limit for it. Be sure in future you wouldn’t be charged if your website achieve huge amount of traffic. Go for affordable yearly rate.
Step 4
Customer support is the key factor for your website. Go thoroughly what type of customer support the web hosting company provides like 24 hour support or urgently response are  difficult to deal with. Try to ignore for paying to the customer support
Step 5
Find out the company who is offering virtual hosting. It will permit to use your own domain name (like at the same time your site as disparate to directory inside the domain name of host( suppose you feel that no need your domain name then save money and fixed with host url
Step 6
If you are going to use forms be sure host gives access of enough CGI bin which can help to support your script. As result you would be able to own CGI-bin directory of unlimited access
Step 7
Go through a web hosting service providing company who gives enough facilitate of FTP and Talent for editing CGI scripts and file uploading) Step 8
Estimate your email necessary. Few gives pop mailboxes and other simply provide assumed names that redirect mail to existing mailboxes. some host offers limitation which is harm full to your website business. Be clearly understand de tails e mail service of Host Company
Note: Current period hosting company is  facing huge competition, may be you will get good hosting package in but some times low cost will give big loose. So that identifying hosting necessary with scalable plan and prosperous quality I would suggest visit Lunarpages a well reputation web hosting company who offers quality personal web hosting and business plan in affordable prices before taking hosting service from other. Your money and time is important for your business

April 13, 2010

Jobs Responsibility for Search Engine Optimization Expert

In the growing internet world and rapid use of internet, every largest or smallest business firm owner want to visible their site on internet as result people can able to find them or take service. For that proper way of optimization is necessary according to search engine.

Roles of Search Engine Optimization Expert or Search Engine Account manager plays important due to the services are necessary in the relevant sector

A SEO Specialist maintains various functionality starting from giving links to optimize and submission of articles to the exact targeting keywords which are most necessary.

A Search Engine Optimization specialist will able to rearrange existing content or fresh content of a website according to the certain keywords, going to use in your website.

A SEO specialist collects and analyzes the keywords from various keywords tools which is more suitable for website and for website visitors. After collecting target keywords Search Engine Expert write and rotate content in such way that it effect better result in search engine result page as well as visitors

An expert of Search Engine Optimization makes every effort to search out keywords which are much suitable in website and for the visitors those are expecting such type information from website. It will be possible when website get hits in content from these keywords. A cautious optimization must be prepared for timing of regular manner. An expert provides unique and latest information which is visitor expects from blogs that type of information provides to the website owner with attractive title and heading.

in coming future many companies lunching their website and wants to well ranked using their target keywords which will be lead their business so that business owner looking for Search Engine Expert.

April 09, 2010

IPhone App of Digg Will Be Superior Performance Then Website


Digg.Com lunched iPone app officially according to the source this iPhone application will be give better user experience then website. But one problem is that user cannot do comment post, unable to upload their video or image from this app.

User also get advanced facilities consist of iPhone-like scrolling story, top comment display with thin pages, login and Digging, pagination, and divert to any subject.  We can able to share dig content and research in better way by using this application also community of digg able to vote good content on the web.

Design of iPhone application is hygienic and uncomplicated to surf – when we open digg on the web automatically we see adds in right hand site but from the Digg iPhone application, its depend on you whether you want to see ads, story or anything else, in other words I can say that you have full power to control to over come such type of situation especial when you are trying to provide search engine marketing service or blogging tips on iPhone.
Read the topic in well-designed ways after Bookomarking – offers this feature in his iPhone application with exclusive line. Search your most desired grouping that you looking for to read the stories, if you liked very much stories then bookmark it.

After bookmarked go to bookmarking place we can notice all bookmarking list in one place which is only available in your mobile not in your browser.

Digg iPhone app the majority admired archetype is for the most part well-matched used for mobile – A web hunter not satisfy in one story or one site, he/she browse so many news and link from various website.  So digg is providing fabulous element in this application. You can get link of old news that’s you looking if you forget still digg provides, this story will show in front page in mobile as result mobile reader can read easily.

Note – To display your service or website properly you have to wisely redesign your website because website design plays major role in iPhone app. So when you re design your website strictly follow search engine rules and regulation. If you haven’t sufficient time to research, you can give better search engine Optimization Company such type of SEO Company are well optimizing your website according to major search engine and also iPhone. So search engine optimization service is necessary for any website to see your website in new digg iPhone